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Image of Eco print silk shawl
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Eco print silk shawl

Eco print silk shawl - 5mm silk haboti this shawl measures 35 x 108 inches. It is tissue thin folds up tiny and light as a feather.
It is hand printed from wild staghorn sumac berries, avocado, and iron. The colors are rich and multi faceted.
The sumac printed a soft beige and the berries rusty pink. The advocado yields a soft fleshtone. the iron a rich purplish gray. The silk is very reflective so the colors look different in different light.
The eco printing process is unpredictable, I never know what
has worked until the next day as I unroll it. The weather, the time the plant is picked, and type of fiber all effect my results.
No harsh chemicals are used in this process.
to care for this shawl soak in cold water and wash with a mild soap.gently wring out excess water and lay flat, block dry, store in dark place as long exposure to the sun will fade the print. These prints should last for many washings. They will age well and slowly fade gracefully with proper care.

Image of Eco print silk shawl
Image of Eco print silk shawl
Image of Eco print silk shawl